Welcome to the hompage of HERZBLUT FILM


We are a fresh, dynamic and creative team both within the Germany and the international film industry.


Our company lives by our name HERZBLUT: passionate and heartfelt projects.


We believe in good ideas and are fully committed to seeing them through until they are realized. We give life to our projects by trusting our instincts that have come from over 20 years in the TV and film industries.


We believe in emotionally driven films.


Fun is an absolute priority in our work.


We are creative team players.


We strive for perfection.


We value the freedom to work with people who share our values and visions. This results in fruitful outcomes for both sides.


For us, INNOVATION is always written in big letters.


Unique ideas combined with instinctual knowledge and the courage to deliver it to the world; this is our creed.


All of this is achieved with our essential HERZBLUT.


We are a professional organization that utilizes reputable lawyers and financial specialists. This guarantees that our international ambitions are reached in the big wide movie world.


We welcome you into our world of HERZBLUT where your visions are realized. Have you created great novels or scripts? Do you have an open mind about advantageous ideas and options? Are you passionate? If yes, we welcome you to HERZBLUT FILM.